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Longer routes - though still easy

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The Dornoch Firth Circular plus visit to Dornoch, and back (total: 42 miles).

Starts from Culrain and Ardgay. This one follows the Dornoch Firth along the pretty flat south side. Go over the Dornoch Firth Bridge. Shortly after the bridge, you can head into Dornoch via a minor road (on the right) through Cuthill and Lonemore which is very flat and runs beside one of the famous golf courses, rather than use the main road. Head back along the north side of the Dornoch Firth via Clashmore and Spinningdale. The north side is not as flat as the south side so you might wish to return on the south side. However, the north side takes you to the delightful village of Spinningdale where it is worth taking a short detour up the glen behind the village. Infact you can return to Bonar Bridge this way instead of going along the remainder of the Dornoch Firth if you prefer.

Culrain to Ledmore Junction, and back (total: 54 miles).

This is slightly more adventurous but the route is actually quite easy apart from one fairly long though not especially steep climb out of Oykel Bridge. There is a hotel in Oykel Bridge and the Altnaceagach Inn beside Loch Borralan near Ledmore Junction has spectacular views of Suilven. Return via the same route.

Other Routes

There are many flat roads around the Brora / Golspie area - suggested routes forthcoming. The nice thing is that you can take your bicycle on the train here quickly and easily from Culrain so that means you can explore these areas without having to repeat routes you have already done - though they are so delightful that you may want to! One suggestion for getting to Golspie is to head over the back road from Bonar Bridge which comes out at the lovely Loch Fleet National Nature Reserve. There is a bit of a climb out of Bonar Bridge but it is nothing particularly daunting apart from one or two short steep sections.

Another suggestion is to head for Invershin via the footbridge, then take the back road to Lairg via the Falls of Shin, followed by the road down Strathfleet. Be careful, however, - this Falls of Shin road does get more traffic than most because of the famous Falls - including coaches. It is however a much less steep road for getting to Lairg than the main road. From Strathfleet there is also a route over to the lovely Loch Brora though we have not explored that route yet so not sure how flat that road is, though we know that the east end of the Loch and the road into Brora is flat - and beautiful.

The Fearn Peninsula, east of Tain, is very flat - great cycling country. Easy to get to by cycle via Tain or take your bike on the train to Fearn station.

Finally please note that we have a network of mountain bike trails right behind our house!

Dornoch Firth from near Kincardine

Dornoch Firth from near Kincardine

Cycling in Northern Scotland - Spinningdale

Beautiful country lanes. This one is near Spinningdale.


Suilven from beside the road which winds it way along the flat road by Loch Borralan (or possibly Loch Craggie).

Loch Brora

Cycling by Loch Brora

Ben Wyvis from the Fearn Peninsula

Ben Wyvis from the Fearn Peninsula



Returning to Culrain after a long day's cycling!

Cycling in Northern Scotland - Culrain
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